What is Bonnie’s Travel?

Bonnie’s Travel is your most valuable resource in travel planning specializing in all-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic. Let me help  you plan your family fun trip or your romantic getaway.  I can assist you with hotel accommodations, cruises, flights, attractions and car rentals.  Want an exciting vacation to Las Vegas?  I can help you with that as well.  Together, we can plan your perfect escape to keep the fires burning,  a leisure trip to spend time with your family, or an adventure that leaves you speechless.

Why Bonnie’s Travel?

  • Expert Guidance
  • Custom Travel
  • Best Access and Prices
  • Personal service and Commitment

In my years of experience as a travel agent, I’m surprised at how many people do not understand what we do or how we can benefit you with your travel planning.

Most travel agents, like myself, got into this business because we love travel; we live it, breathe it, and talk about it all the time.   The best way to put a smile on our faces is to talk travel with us.  Some of our favorite conversations revolve around stories from our clients; where they’ve , what they did and where do they want to go next.

It’s here, when thinking about where to go next is where we can be your best travel resource.  We can offer suggestions and ideas on locations and activities, and find the perfect travel deal for you.  Working together, we’ll cover all the details of your itinerary, so you’ll have no worries before, during , or after your vacation.  In exchange, we earn an income, and more importantly, learn from you about your travel experience.  We then share this information with other clients in casual conversations; thus encircling the globe with fellow travelers.

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