What is Bonnie’s Travel?

Bonnie’s Travel is your most valuable resource in travel planning specializing in all-inclusive vacations to the Caribbean, especially the Dominican Republic. Let me plan your family fun trip or your romantic getaway.  I can assist you with hotel accommodations, cruises, flights, attractions and car rentals.  Planning that perfect Las Vegas adventure is right up my alley as well.

Why Bonnie’s Travel?

  • Expert Guidance
  • Custom Travel
  • Best Access and Prices
  • Personal service and Commitment

I have been a travel agent for five years now and I am surprised at how many people do not know what we do and how we can be so very useful with your travel planning.

Most travel agents, like me, got into this business because we love travel. The best way to put a smile on our faces is to talk travel with us. We love talking about travel. We love to hear where you have been and where you want to go. We love to offer suggestions and ideas to make your travels more enjoyable. We love to find the perfect travel deal for you. We love to make our clients happy. Happy clients refer their family and friends. That gives us even more people to talk travel with. It’s just that easy. There are no hidden motives. Of course, we also love to make money doing travel. There is a saying about if you work at what you love then it’s not really work at all. Those are words to live by.

I have worked and will work tirelessly to find the perfect vacation components for the best value for my clients. All details of your itinerary will be covered so there will have no worries before, during or after their vacation. This is how I run my business and I do it with pride.


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