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Excursions in the Dominican Republic


If you are planning to visit the Dominican Republic, you will probably find yourself on one of their many beaches. The beach is absolutely the number one attraction in the Dominican Republic. But if you are going there, you will also have a variety of excursions to choose from: jeep safaris, monster trucks, helicopter rides for a privileged view, zip lines, horseback riding, mountain biking, diving, catamaran trips to Sanoa Island and Catalina Island and snorkeling.

Many different companies offer excursions that take travelers to witness a tropical wilderness, visit a country home where typical Dominican lunch will be served, study tropical harvests, visit a deserted beach or a swim in a cool river. Most of these activities can be booked directly at the hotels with the different tour representatives. Excursions and tours can also be booked ahead of time with your travel agent before you even leave on your vacation.

Many people recommend booking the tour directly on the beach, which is much cheaper than both hotel and online. Many activities and day trips in the Dominican Republic can be booked on the beach and you can negotiate cheaper prices then what you would pay at the resort. At some instances you can save up to 50%!  But beware; while the price may be less, so can the customer service and safety.  These excursions may not be as public as others and it is true that safety comes in numbers.  I would definitely compare the pricing between what you can get on the beach and what your tour operator can get you.  There have been times when the tour operator can meet the beach vendors’ pricing.  I would definitely recommend purchasing spa treatments on the beach though, especially massages.  We have save lots of money booking our beachside massages on the beach.  Also, you can find some great deals on hair-braiding.

I would also check with the resorts dive shop to see what they have to offer as well.  They have all sorts of watersport fun.

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