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The Cocoa Beach Pier


When we visit Cocoa Beach, Florida; we spend a lot of time on and near the famous pier.  We experienced Cocoa Beach for the first time in 2001 and spent a few hours visiting the pier.

It was after this first visit that we’d realized that it would be best to stay closer to the pier and use it as our base.  We’ve been following this practice every time since.  Our preferred hotel is the Days Inn Cocoa Beach on A1A.  It is not a glamorous hotel by any means, but it’s clean, comfortable, AFFORDABLE and best of all, right at the pier.  Well, not exactly.  You need to cross the street and walk across the beach parking lot, but then you are right at the pier.

There are a few vendors on the beach that rent the chaise loungers and umbrellas on a daily basis.  There is more beach space directly left of the pier than on the right as there are beach volleyball courts on the right and a large lifeguard shack.  Don’t hesitate to pick your spot on the right at there is still plenty of room and plenty to watch.

There are 3 ways to get on the pier; right in front by the parking lot ($10 a day), to the left from the beach and from the right close to the water.  Depending on the tide, your first step may be a wet one.

As you walk up on the pier you will find lots of stools on your right to just sit and enjoy the sights.  Continue up and you will find restrooms, a couple of shops for beach essentials and tee-shirts and swimsuits and the bar.  We’ve had our share of icy cold long necks along with wings and coconut shrimp at this bar.  As you sit on your stool, you can look out over the beach and watch the volleyball and the surfers and the swimmers.  They play oldies pop and you’ll most likely get served by the bartender who’s been there for years.  He looks like Mr. Bean.

There are tables set up next to the bar with a full food menu.  Their Big Fish Sandwich is amazing!  Past this area is the Atlantic Ocean Grille.  This is a nice indoors restaurant with a menu that is fabulous.  Lots and lots of seafood choices.

With your receipt from either restaurant; you’ll get free access to the end of the pier or you can pay the entrance fee of $1.  At the end of the pier is a bar called the Mai Tiki Bar with many tropical drink choices.  You’ll see fishermen with buckets of their days’ catches.  Last time we were there; we were watching a fisherman cast his net off the pier to catch the bait fish.

The Cocoa Beach Pier is definitely a must see and stay if ever in the area.

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