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Each resort that you go to in the Dominican Republic or in most of the Caribbean has a team of energetic, funny and very personable staff.  The main purpose of this staff is to make sure that you have fun and are entertained.   Darts by the poolWith a variety of activities, they spend their days getting you off of your beach chairs and participating in some fun and games.  This staff usually comes from all over the globe and can speak anywhere from 3 to 6 different languages in order to engage just about any visitor.  During the day, they will lead you in exercise classes, darts, bocce ball, beach or pool volleyball, bingo, Spanish classes, water polo, drinking games or whatever other game that they can think of.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200And then at night, you will normally see them greeting you at the Dinner Buffet and reminding you to come to their nightly show.  They put on a variety of different themed shows that normally contain lip-synching and choreographed dancing.  No, these are not Broadway or Las Vegas quality shows.  But the Entertainment team works hard and has fun. You have to give them credit for their dedication and willingness to entertain you.  Typically, if they have some kind of Michael Jackson show during the week that you’re there; it will probably be their best offering.

So have you dinner, grab an after dinner cocktail and then sit and relax and let the team entertain you.

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