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Does Anyone Use a Travel Agent Anymore?

I copied this from a post I saw on Facebook.  Travel Agents are a valuable resource in planning your vacation.  Contact me today so I can help. BY RACHEL BELLE, KIRO Radio, Ron and Don Show Reporter | August 6, 2015 @ 2:21 pm I love to travel, but I have never used a travel agent. My parents don’t […]
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18 Travel Tips

Exploring new destinations is the reason millions of people travel each year. For families, travel allows parents to expose their children to experiences not shared at home in their normal routine. With all the benefits of travel, therre are stressors that can add hassles to the travel experience for just about anyone.  Don’t let those […]
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7 Things to Know Before You Take Your Phone Overseas

I found this information on the internet.  I thought it had a lot of useful and up-to-date information for those of us who need to stay connected even on vacation.  Please feel free to add any other tips that may help us on our vacations. —————————————————– MORE and more travellers couldn’t imagine going without their […]
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How to use Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is an awesome website for reviewing travel and entertainment. The reviews that are written are about hotels, resorts, airlines, activities and restaurants by people who have actually experienced the activity. As a travel agent and traveler, I rely on it heavily whenever I’m looking to book a vacation for my client or myself. […]
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Gaining Knowledge in Travel

How do travel agents gain all their knowledge about the travel products that they offer? A popular avenue to gain knowledge in our travel specialties is with FAM (Familiarization) tours.  These are the trips that the general public think that travel agents go on all the time for FREE. These trips give travel agents the opportunity […]
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What?? You’ve never been to the Dominican Republic??

3 Reasons to Visit the Dominican Republic When it comes to taking time off, you may find yourself looking at going to an exotic location. Millions will be traveling throughout the year, and there are a lot of destinations you can choose from. However, many people forget about the Dominican Republic when discussing where to […]
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Sunbathing and Sun Protection on vacation

When vacationing to the Caribbean, it can often be a hassle to keep topping yourself with suntan lotion. If you are like most people, you will see suntan lotion as something that just prevents you from getting a better tan, and overall just ruins the whole experience of traveling to such a beautiful location. However, […]
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Skycaps I found this on the web today and thought it was worth the read.  I’ve personally have never taken advantage of the services that they offer, but I may now.
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Dominican Republic – Top 5 Reasons to go

Number #1 Value – Dollar for dollar, you get the most value for the money that you spend for your Dominican vacation.   Compared to other destinations in the Caribbean, you really do get the most “bang for your buck” here. Number #2 Beaches – The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful beaches […]
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