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In my Carry On Piece


The items that I carry in the bag that is kept under the seat in front of me during flight has changed over the years.  I have managed to streamline my items quite a bit with the advancement of our electronics but on the other hand, I now need to pack more food and munchies as the airlines no longer provide nearly enough to sustain me for a six hour flight from Providence to Las Vegas or Phoenix.

Here is a list of what I carry and have found useful/vital to get me from Point A to Point B during my flight:

  1. My IPad.  This is my lifesaver.  I used to carry a book, some magazines, a portable DVD player and at times, my laptop.  Now it’s just my IPad.  Now that some airlines have loosened up about turning off all electronic devices during takeoff and landing, it’s really nice to have.  That was usually half an hour each way which was why I needed my book and magazines.  And with the inclusion of Wifi on most planes; you can find plenty to do in your tablets to keep you nicely occupied.
  2. The next on my priority list in food/munchies.  We have been known to make some coldcut sandwiches at home for consumption on our flight.  I’m also a lover of all things sweet so you will find some kind of candy in my bag be it licorice, mini M&M’s, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and/or Caramel Cremes.  If it’s a morning flight, there will also be a donut or muffin in there as well.
  3. In-flight comfy socks.  Once I’m settled, I like to take off my shoes and put on my socks.  My feet get cold and not wearing shoes helps me get more comfortable as well.
  4. Airbornne or any of the other preflight/during flight chewable tablets that are taken to prevent illness.  Also, whatever prescription medication that you need while on vacation.  This should NEVER be in your checked luggage.  Enough said on that subject.
  5. I was bringing an empty water bottle or some kind of travel mug to fill before flying but it has been my experience that the water from the water fountains around the airport has terrible tasting water so now we’ll just buy a bottle.  It never fails that the flight crew is not serving drinks when I want one.
  6. If we have checked luggage, we have been packing a change of clothes in our carry on’s in case our bags get lost.  Sometimes too, we arrive at our resort before check-in, so I’ll pack a swimsuit, flip flops and a cover-up and I’m all ready to start my vacation.


These are the top 6 most important items in my in-flight bag.  What’s in yours?

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