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Who takes care of your home and pets when you go away on vacation?


This has been an ongoing struggle for us every time we want to go away on vacation.  In the old days (that’s when we were raising our 4 children), the task was even more difficult.  We’ve had various family members move into our home to take care of it, the kids and the pets.  That was the only option at that point and we were lucky enough to have family to do this for us.  Our marriage survived during those terrible teenage years by being able to escape for one week for vacation and just concentrate on us.

Now that the kids have grown and there is just our home and our little dog; it has become somewhat easier.  We still need someone to come and walk the dog and feed her and just give her some attention.  There were a few times that we had “house sitters”, either family or friends, which is always best but not always available.  My son lives across the street, but he works and cannot always be there for walking time.  We’ve tried sending our pooch to my sister-in-law’s house for a few days but that’s really not a good option for my dog or hers.

My daughter recently bought a house and has a great yard and she loves my dog so she now has a great place to go to when we go away on vacation.  But, we still like our house looked after and someone to collect the mail and put out the trash while we are away.  It’s comforting to know that someone will make sure the house doesn’t get flooded, or burned down, or inhabited by strangers or broken into while we are away.  We have been broken into in the past while away, so now I’m nervous about that happening again.

We have friends that simply cannot vacation away from their home due to children and/or pets that they cannot find arrangements for.   I would NOT like to be in their shoes.  Vacations are great and a necessity for us but the best part of going away is coming home.  And it’s a plus to come home with everything and everyone intact.

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