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Why Use a Travel Agent

Planning a dream vacation or a business trip can be an overwhelming task. Your first thought, considering the vast information available on the Internet, is to go the computer. However, the internet is often a confusing place with conflicting options and prices. Planning vacations, business travel, or a romantic getaway can take hours of your time trying to sort out what is best for YOU. In today’s economy, it is very important to make every dollar count.

When you use a travel consultant, you can SAVE MONEY. Using a travel agent almost guarantees that you are getting the lowest possible rate. As a travel profession, I am trained to work with suppliers to find my clients the BEST value. I know how to access this information quickly and efficiently. This saves you TIME! A traveler could spend hours upon hours on the computer or the phone researching and making reservations. A travel agent’s job is to do the research for you and to stay in frequent contact with the suppliers on price changes, promotions, and new products.

What many people do not know is that you do not pay extra to use a travel agent. In fact, if you don’t use one, you are probably paying more! I am trained to research and book all types of travel from business, cruises, family, romance, and international travel.

By using my extensive experience and knowledge, I can make your travels stress free, fun and affordable.

Do you need to book a vacation cruise?  Do you need to book a vacation that requires hotels, car rentals, flights?  Do you need to see fun attractions?  All travel, large or small, extensive or basic; I will make simple for you and allow you to enjoy your time traveling.  My mission is to do my best to ensure that you have amazing travels and vacations at prices that will work for your budget. Why put all that time into planning, when with one call, I will take care of it all!

I would love to help you save TIME and MONEY. I look forward to working with you on all of your travel needs.


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