I have been in and out lots of airports in my time and my favorite happens to be my home airport.  Even though I live in Massachusetts, this airport in Rhode Island is closer and easier to get to than Logan Airport in Boston.  As a travel agent, it is also my first choice for my clients in a fifty mile radius of it.

A brief description of the airport is as described.  This public airport located just 6 miles south of Providence, opened in 1931 and was  named for former Rhode Island governor and longtime senator Theodore F. Green.  It’s fairly small in size when compared to the major hubs of Boston, Chicago, New York or even Atlanta.  Southwest, Jetblue, US Airways, United, Delta and even Condor Airlines all have flights that leave and return to this airport.

The airport is small compared to others, but it is not shy of traveler’s wants and needs.  It has a variety of eating establishments from Dunkin’ Donuts, to Starbucks to Johnny Rockets as well as some sit-down restaurants and grab-and-go places.  There is plenty of shopping to be had while waiting for your flight.  You’ll find Brooks Brothers, Brighton, CNBC, New York Times Bookseller as well as the standard shops that offer snacks, magazines, travel aids, beverages and Rhode Island gift items.

All amenities found at the larger airports are available here.  You can get your shoes shined, or a relaxing back massage.  Our  military have a dedicated lounge,nyou can get your currency exchanged and spend a few quiet moments in the Hope Reflection rooms.  You will find all staff to be friendly and courteous and all areas will be clean.  There is even free Wifi.

As with all airports, you do have your selection of car rental agencies.  There are great options for  park then fly companies.  In my opinion, the airport parking that is offered is pretty far away and expensive for a smaller airport which is why I prefer to use one of the park then fly companies.  We did park our car at Airport Parking once and I believe that there are far better/less expensive options.

Taxis, buses and the commuter rail all have access to TF Green airport and there are nearby lodging options.  So as you can see, this airport is just like any other airport, just smaller and far less crowded.  I can guarantee that the security lines are nowhere near as long as Boston or even Hartford.  This airport is modern ,it’s easy to move around, you’ll get your bags from the carousel quicker and getting back and forth from this airport is much less stressful than Boston’s Logan airport.  So, the next time that you need to fly somewhere from Southeastern New England; I would highly recommend that you do so from TF Green airport in Rhode Island.

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