Casinos and Gambling in the Dominican Republic

What would be better than going on vacation and getting lucky in the casino?  Just how perfect would it be to win enough money to pay for your vacation?  Even better, for your next two or three?  These are my dreams whenever I enter a casino.

Casinos in the Dominican Republic are similar in most ways to casinos in the United States.  First off, these casinos will be considerably smaller than American casinos.  Dominican casinos offer Las Vegas odds.  Basically, the profits kept by the casino versus how much is taken away in winnings is the same and considered fair.  Some games by nature offer better odds than others; those being Blackjack and Poker.

You can find casinos in or near your Dominican Republic resort.  You’ll find slot machines, blackjack, video poker, craps and possibly roulette.  You probably will not find Texas Hold ‘Em poker or seven card stud.  Instead you’re likely to find Caribbean Stud poker.

There is usually no need to change any money in the casinos as they accept both dollars and pesos.  You will even be able to get your chips from a teller using your credit card.

Another difference in these casinos is that tipping your dealer is pointless as you will not receive any special “favors”.  The House either keeps the tips or distributes them as they see fit.  Mostly they just keep them.

Dominican casinos, like most around the world, will pamper you to keep you gambling.  These comps range from food and drink or free chips to specific games or match play coupons.

Although there is no Gaming Commission or other government body to monitor and inspect; casino manager are always motivated to keeping you happy and resolving any complaints.  They strive to protect their image.

Are there any games that should be avoided in the Dominican casinos?  Most definitely, YES!  Stay away from Keno or Super Keno.  First off, these games are not operated by the casino but by independent contractors who rent the floor space.  The game is manned by highly persuasive dealers.  They are the typical carnival snarky who believes that there is a sucker born every minute and they know how to make you that sucker.  With each bet, you need to increase your bet each time and the odds of winning are the absolute worst of any casino game.  It’s best to save yourself the trouble and just walk on by.

My best tips for a good casino experience is play only the games that you are familiar with, find which games offer the best odds, don’t lose your concentration from too much alcohol, manage your money and quit while you’re ahead.  If you come away with 20% more than you bet; that makes you a huge winner.  Enjoy yourself but exersise restraint.

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