Dominican Republic – A few more important things to pack

Besides the basics that were listed in my previous chapter; there are still a couple other important things to pack.

cupsInsulated mug or cup – The first few times that we went to an all-inclusive resort; we were surprised by how small the drinks were, the small amount of ice the bartenders put in those cups and how quickly that ice melted. While perusing through Trip Advisor to gather information on an upcoming vacation; someone wrote about bringing their own insulated mug and the bar staff had no issues whatsoever in filling their cup. Genius!! So now we bring our own. No matter the size; they’ll fill it. I’ve seen some really large bubba mugs too. These mugs are also good for coffee or tea. I’ve found that most rooms have a coffee maker so you can have a nice mug of Joe first thing in the morning in your room. So don’t forget to pack one for yourself.

medicineAnother must have is Imodium or Kaopectate or some anti-diarrhea medicine. It could prevent a pretty lousy time on vacation. Your digestive tract will be experiencing new foods and drinks and even heat and humidity that you’re not used to. Any of these things can upset the tummy and keep you close to the toilet for days. It will happen. It always happens. We eat a lot more fruit that we normally do and that keeps the system clear. We also drink more alcohol than normal. We drink more alcohol with fresh fruit than we normally do. We eat differently as well. Any one or combination of these things can cause issues and one or two tablets will fix the problem and not ruin your vacation time. A lot of people blame it on bad food, or dirty this and that but mostly it’s because our bodies are having new experiences.

Facecloths – this may seem weird to you but if you use them then it’s not. A lot of resorts in the Dominican Republic do not supply facecloths. I’m told they’re considered a personal care item and should be supplied by you. I have been to resorts that have them, but the majority do not.

These three items has saved and/or made my trip to the Dominican a little more enjoyable.

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