Is the Dominican Republic for you?

As a travel agent, I am always on the internet researching locations, resorts, excursions etc to find information that I need to make sure the vacation that I am planning for my client is everything that they want it to be. As much as I love the Dominican; I have found that it is not a good fit for everyone.

The reasons vary but here are some examples as to why I feel it would not work for everyone:

1. The resorts are heavily populated with Europeans. Their normal vacation stay is anywhere from two to four weeks at a time. There is just a small (but growing) percentage of Americans who vacation in the Dominican compared to the Europeans. I remember the first time we vacationed here. By the third day, we were starving for some American conversation.

2. With European vacationers come different lifestyles and attitudes than what we (Americans) are used to. My impression is that they can to be rude and arrogant. Please know that this is JUST AN OPINION OF MINE. I have met some wonderful, polite and super-friendly people from all over the world and I’m not singling anyone out. But after years and years of visiting various resorts throughout the Dominican and “people watching”, this is my overall impression.

3. Another thing with the Europeans is that the women go topless on the beach. I know that gentlemen do not have any issues with this and most women do not either. It is worth mentioning though because there are people in the world that would be uncomfortable with seeing women’s bare breasts. Please know that they are only topless at the beach and not the restaurants and pools or other places around the resort. On the beach only.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L2004. While there are lots of off-resort excursions, the Dominican is not a place to hop in a cab and go exploring around the island. Again, this is an opinion of mine, but compared to places like Jamaica, Cancun, Bermuda and the Bahamas, the island doesn’t have the safe feel for exploring on your own.  It’s best to be on a group guided tour.

5. I’ve mentioned in previous posts about the resorts selling weekend packages to locals. The noise level and crowded conditions can be a turnoff for some. What was fairly reasonable wait times at bars, restaurants and front desk are now longer. I hate standing in a line while on vacation.  I hate standing in longer lines while on vacation.

Again, these are my impressions and opinions. Things like this may not bother you at all.  It has been my experience when getting feedback from clients on their first experiences in the Dominican Republic, these are issues that have been mentioned.

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