Drinking in the Dominican Republic

Right off the bat, we need to talk about the drinking water at the resorts. What’s not safe to drink is the water that runs from the faucets; sink and shower. Let me repeat, don’t drink the water from your bathroom sink or while in the tub or shower. This is a sure way to ruin your vacation. There will be bottled water supplied by the resort somewhere in your room whether it’s in the bathroom, on the dresser or in the refrigerator. Use this for taking pills, making your coffee or tea, brushing your teeth and rinsing your toothbrush. The faucet water is not purified.

Water that is poured into your glass by a server at the buffet, bar or restaurant or that you thget yourself from one of the drink dispensers is fine to drink. The ice that is put in your drinks or that you get from the ice machines is perfectly fine as well.

There are many, many drink options at your resort. For breakfast, there will be coffee and tea, varieties of fruit juices (but not apple), soft drinks and water. Milk is also available for cereal and there is cream for coffee. Don’t forget your Bloody Marys or Mimosas. Unfortunately, some resorts don’t open their bars until mid-morning.

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By mid-morning, the bars are open for your pleasure. Each resort will have a specialty drink along with the usual cocktails. Please note that you will need to ask specifically for top shelf liquors or you will get their regular stock spirits. If you are very specific about what you like to drink; then it might be best to bring along your own bottle and let the resort supply the mixers.

You will not find a vast variety of beer in the Dominican Republic. Their island regular is Presedente. My husband says it very similar to Budweiser. You will normally find a couple bottles in your fridge and they will be replaced when the refrigerator stockers see that they’re gone. I’ve see Heinekens and Coronas and Red Stripe but rarely American brews.

They also make a big deal out of Mamajuana. It’s a potent liquor that you drink in shots. It is DSCN1596touted as an aphrodisiac and can cure whatever ails you. I’ve had it a few times and can report that you will get a pretty nice buzz after a couple of shots. In the gift shops, you will see liquor bottles filled with straw and such to make your own concoction. The recipe goes something like this: add some red wine and honey and let the flavors mix for a few days. Then you empty out this liquid and add rum and some honey and let sit for about a week. Ta-dah! Mamajuana. You can make it with whatever liquor or wine suited to your tastes.


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