Dominican Republic – Your airport terminal

Once off the plane, you’ll make your way into the terminal.  There is no need to look for  signs as you probably won’t find any.  There will be someone at the bottom of the jetway stairs pointing the way to go.  Just follow everyone else as I’m sure there are lots of returning guests to the island that know where to go.

Most times, your first stop is for pictures.  There will be a couple of pretty little island girls in festive wear that will sidle up next to you while someone takes your picture.  On your return flight home; these pictures will be on a board (as you exit security) for purchase.  I think they cost about $7.  It’s a way for the islanders to get some money from us before we leave their island, but it does make a nice memento.  You can use it as your “before” picture because the “after” look will be much more appealing.  After a week of relaxation in the Dominican Republic, most likely your skin has been kissed by the sun, your hair may be braided, you love mamajuana, you’ve eaten what you’ve wanted when you wanted, you’ve taken many naps and you’ve haven’t had to drive yourself anywhere for the whole  week .  There should be no frustration lines showing on your face.

Your next stop will be purchasing your Tourist card.  Whoever possesses a passport must purchase one.  It costs $10 US cash.  You go to the window, lay down your cash and receive your card(s).  No need for identification.  In most of the Dominican Republic airports, the Tourist card booth is usually the first stop inside the terminal.  In the Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo, these booths are to your sharp right or far left when you enter the immigration and customs area.

The funny thing about these Tourist cards is that you don’t keep them.  They are only yours for about 10 seconds or 7 steps, whichever comes first.   No sooner do you buy them, then you’re handing them over to the person right outside the booth.  It’s pretty comical.

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