Cirque du Soleil

Have you ever seen a Cirque du Soleil show?  For those who do not know what this is, let me tell you.  In a nutshell; it’s a French circus with a twist.  The twist is that is does not have your typical circus acts like the high wire or the trapeze or the lion taming.

I’d seen one of their shows on PBS a number of years ago.  It was very musical and visual with breathtaking acts.  Each show has its own story and the acts go along with the storyline.

imagesCANQ8XSDMy first Cirque du Soleil show was called Mystere and I saw it at the Treasure Island hotel in Las Vegas.  We were celebrating my husband’s birthday and I wanted something memorable even though a trip to Las Vegas was memorable in itself.  We were not disappointed.  The costumes were  incredibly colorful and the acts were astounding.  The acts are more visual and sometimes more death defying than regular circus acts.  There is always so much going on on stage that there are times when you feel as if you are on overload and can’t take it all in.

images (2)The next show that I saw was La Nouba at Disney World in Florida.  I had taken my mom to Disney as she had never been.  We were supposed to see the show the first night that we arrived but there were flight delays and we were late.  Thankfully though, I was able to exchange our tickets to another performance later in the week.

My mom said this show was the best part of our vacation.  This show, like all their others, was filled with comedy, amazing costumes, incredible feats of strength and daring, breathtaking acts.

untitled (4)On our most recent trip to Las Vegas, my husband secured us tickets to see the Beatles Love show at the Mirage.  First off, I am a huge lover of everything Beatles.  They are at the top of my list of favorite bands.  While this show had some incredible acts; I found this show to be much more visual and musical with all the music that I love.

images (3)On a recent trip to Minneapolis, I happened upon the chance to purchase a ticket to see Amaluna. This Cirque du Soleil show was setup in circus tents outside in the parking area of the Mall of America. I have to admit that the acts in this show were indescribable.  I’ve tried telling others what I’d seen but words do not give it justice.  If you find this show performing in your area at any time; I would highly recommend it.  You will not be disappointed.

I know that I didn’t really give you any details on exactly what these shows are about because it is really impossible.  Seeing is believing in Cirque du Soleil.  You will become a huge fan after your first show and will then strive to see as many of these shows as possible.


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