Domincans in the MLB

Today’s baseball has players from all over the world.  As my current posts have been focusing on the Dominican Republic; I thought it only fair to give these players their due when it comes to America’s favorite pastime.

“The Dominican Republic is a baseball powerhouse.  There are more Dominicans playing in the major leagues than from any other country in Latin America, and the Dominican Republic has more players in the majors than all other Latin countries combined”.  Elise Amedola/AP

Here are just a few honorable mentions:

David Ortiz – holds the MLB record for home runs and RBI’s by a DH.  He was also ALCS MVP in 2004 and won the Home Run Derby in 2010.

Manny Ramirez – He was the World Series MVP in 2004.  He also holds the record for the most post-season RBI’s and home runs.

Sammy Sosa – Home Run Derby winner in 2000 and NL MVP in 1998.  He is also the first player to have 60 home runs in 3 seasons.

Albert Pujols – NL Rookie of the year in 2001

Jose Reyes – NY Mets all-time leader in Triples and Stolen Bases

Miguel Tejada – Home Run Derby winner in 2004

Hanley  Ramirez – NL Rookie of the year in 2006 – NL Batting Champion in 2009

Robinson Cano – Home Run Derby winner in 2011

Vladimir Guerrero – 2004 2004 AL MVP and Home Run Derby winner in 2007


Pedro Martinez – in 2006, he had the highest winning percentage for a pitcher in modern baseball history.  He also has the highest ERA of any starting pitcher in MLB history.

Luis Castillo – NL Stolen Base Champion in 2000 and 2002

Jose Valverde –  Delivery Man of the Year Award received in 2011 for relief pitchers

Worth repeating; this is just a sampling of Dominican players and their accomplishments.  If I’ve forgotten your favorite, I welcome you to let me know who they are as well as their standings.

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