Gaining Knowledge in Travel

How do travel agents gain all their knowledge about the travel products that they offer?

A popular avenue to gain knowledge in our travel specialties is with FAM (Familiarization) tours.  These are the trips that the general public think that travel agents go on all the time for FREE. These trips give travel agents the opportunity to tour various properties throughout a single destination.  A host resort will provide complimentary accommodations throughout the 2 or 3 day stay but it is up to the agent to provide their own transportation (Airline flights) to the destination.  During these days in location, the shuttles pick us up nice and early for a morning tour and breakfast at a resort, followed by 2 or 3 more resort tours and then lunch and tour. Then 3 or 4 more tours before going back to our host resort for dinner and a “Meet and Greet and training with our host resort.  Then we’re up and doing it all again for the next day or two.  On average, during a 3 day FAM trip; we are visiting approximately 20 resorts.

When we are not traveling to locations or conventions and seminars; we are usually in front of our computers attending webinars on destinations and the various travel resorts and products from around the world.  We are constantly surfing the web for more information on our specialties.  There is a lot of work that goes into being a good Travel Agent.  So the next time that you want to get away, call a Travel professional to plan your vacation.  Your vacation could go from ordinary to extraordinary from their vast travel knowledge.

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