Travel planning and the Internet

When I was in high school (a few years back); I took classes in Data Processing.  I learned to have the computer work for me by programming it in COBOL.  All  information needed to be entered into the computer in the form of keypunched cards.  Our disk drives were as big as tires.

Fast forward a dozen or so years and  more and more homes are getting desktop computers.  I can still remember the excitement of “chatting” with others online.  We had to wait out a series of beeps and hums and static while our computers booted up.  And you had to make sure your settings were correct otherwise, as soon as your house phone rang; you were booted out and had to start all over again.

man on the moonToday, there isn’t much that isn’t computerized in one way or the other.  Everything is instant.  All the information that you need can be pulled up in front of you on your phone, your tablet or your laptop.  It’s quite remarkable to see this in my lifetime.  I think back to the changes that my grandparents saw with the invention of automobiles, and airplanes, and refrigerators. old tv Our parents saw the invention of televisions, and a man walking on the moon, and the microwave oven. I’ve seen telephones go wireless, and televisions go to color and then flat and pressing “1” for English and the internet.

As an avid traveler, it was pretty thrilling for me to check out all of my options without the need for a travel agent. One thing I didn’t realize back then was that I was spending enormous amounts of time going from site to site to find the best deal. A simple package of airfare, hotel and rental car was taking hours upon hours as I wasn’t sure that I was getting the best rates or the best itineraries.

Today, I’m an advocating the services of a travel agent. Yes, I know; I’m advocating for myself but with sound reasoning behind it. Travel agents are trained to know how to find the best travel itineraries without spending huge amounts of valuable time. With experience, knowledge and a wealth of suppliers, finding your travel dreams is our job. Some days there just aren’t enough hours to spend with my family and friends, never mind sitting in front of a computer screen getting frustrated going from site to site looking for the best deal out there for upcoming travel plans. I can save you time. It does not cost one red cent extra to pick up the phone and call a travel agent. Give them your travel wishes and then sit back and relax and let them contact you with your perfect itinerary. What’s better than that?

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