How do You Get to the Airport When Leaving on Vacation

How do you get to the airprt when you leave to go on vacation?

When I travel, I have the option of flying from two different airports. One which is about 20 minutes from home and close to my daughter’s home and the other about 50 miles away in the city. There is always the dilemma of how are we getting to the airport when going on vacation.

This question is easily answered if we leave from the close airport. We have numerous options. It’s easy to recruit someone in the family to drop us and pick us up because the airport is so close. We also have the option of driving to my daughter’s house, leaving the car and taking a taxi the two miles to the airport from there. They’ve also just opened a decent priced Park-N-Fly but we haven’t had to use that option yet.

The difficulties come when we leave from the airport that’s 50 miles away and in a fairly large city. We pretty much have the same options but there is a cost. We can sometimes recruit a family member to drop us and pick us up but that’s asking them for 2 ½ hours of their time each way. My husband and I would rather not impose on our families to do this.

park and flyWe have the option of driving ourselves and using a Park – N – Fly. The issue here is that my husband has to do the driving “while on vacation” and he does a lot of driving for his work and likes to take a break from it. Quite plainly, the drive sucks. You have to deal with the distance, construction and traffic jams. We had one issue at a Park – N – Fly where it was located by a bridge construction project and while away on vacation, our car got covered with backspray from the painting.

We’ve done the Park – Sleep – Fly a couple of times. It is nice to start your vacation a day early and be close to the airport in the morning but my husband is still driving and there is the added expense of the hotel room although the parking is free??? You also need to pack an overnight bag and hope you don’t forget to put an item back in the suitcase that’s going on vacation with you.

limoWe have hired limo drivers in the past. In theory, this should be a great option but it’s proven not to be for us. We should be able to sit back, relax, sip on our take-out coffee and just chill before hitting the hustle and bustle of checking in at the airport and going through security, right? The first limo driver started getting drowsy and swerving on the highway. My husband had to sit up near the privacy window and engage the driver in conversation to keep him awake! We’ve also had a driver who didn’t know how to get around the city due to construction and road closures, so again my husband has had to sit up near the front to give direction. Holy Cow! The last guy we hired depended solely on his GPS which added about 20 minutes to our trip because he took the “long way” and the wrong way. We eventually made it to the airport but we also had to listen to his life’s story.

Is this the same for you? Or are you fortunate to live close to an airport? Or do you have only one option so you just have to deal with that? I’d love to hear how you get to the airport.

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