How to choose an all-inclusive resort

There are many factors in choosing an all-inclusive resort that is going to be a good fit for you.

First off, don’t let your choice be based solely on money.  There may be a resort that is slightly more money that would fit your desires.  Or you could pay top dollar and a resort that is less money would be a better fit.

When you are planning a vacation; what are your top 3 or 4 desires?  Do you want a beautiful, swimmable beach?  Lots and lots of dining options?  Gambling choices?  Swim-up bars?  Keep in mind; if you’re spending your hard earned dollars for this vacation, you want to ensure that it has everything that you want it to be.

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200First, check what kind of beach the resort has.  Look at pictures.  Are there lots of waves or calmer waters?  Is the shore rocky?  Is the beach too close to the docks so that you’re smelling boat diesel while swimming?  Is there plenty of swimming area?

Next, check the beach itself.  Is there plenty of shade?  Are there lots of palapas or shade from the palm trees?  Is there plenty of room for your long morning walks on the beach?

Next, check the pools.  How many are there?  Are they suitable for children?  Are there too many children and noise if you’re looking for a quieter resort?  Is there a swim-up bar?  Are they plenty of loungers available around the pool?

Check your room options.  Do they have king sized beds?  Are there enough beds for everyone in your party?  Does the bathroom have a tub if you need to bathe the children?  Do they have elevators to reach the higher floors?

There are many, many options to consider when choosing a resort.  There are more and more “chain” or “brand” resorts, and they are all not the same, even among that same brands.  What may be a fabulous resort in one location may not carry over to another.  This is when a travel agent or research is invaluable.

Location is key for choosing a resort as well.  Some Caribbean islands are easier (meaning less money) to reach from your departure city than others.  Language may be a challenge is some locals and some locations have limited off-resort excursions.

There are lots and lots of options to consider when choosing your perfect resort.  Make sure you know what you want and expect to spend some time doing the research to find your perfect fit.  Better yet, call your travel agent to do the work.

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