In Search of the Perfect Carry-On

PicMonkey CollageI cannot find my perfect carry-on piece.  The one that I have now was supposed to be perfect.  I’d searched and searched on Ebay.  The one that I’d settled on was a domed bag by Guess.  It’s black and has some pink hearts all over it.  As my small wheeled suitcase is maroon and black and my new large wheeled suitcase is a solid black; I thought would be perfect.  I was wrong.  It’s too big and too stiff.

The one that I had previous to this was another Guess bag.  This one is big but not stiff enough.  Another trip, I used an old black one that I used for a few years but it wasn’t big enough. And previous to that, I carried the one that came with my three piece luggage set. It was small and boxy but I made it work because it was part of the set. Unfortunately, luggage doesn’t last forever and I have since replaced my tired set with individual pieces that work perfectly for me. Except for the perfect stow-under-the-seat-in-front-of-you bag.

I also compare what other travelers use to what I would need/want. Some ladies use just a tote while others just use their handbag. I see lots of backpacks but I’m not that kind of girl. I need a bag with some compartments so I know right where to go when I need my passport, my sunglasses, my camera or my candy bar. It needs to be stylish, medium but not too large in size, a zippered closure (for safety) and have that sleeve so it fits on the telescopic handle of my suitcase for easy transportability (new word I just made up).

You’d think this would be an easy find but for me it has not. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I need your help.

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