Keeping fit at your Beach Resort

It’s very easy to forget about keeping fit and paying attention to all of the food that you are putting in your mouth at an all-inclusive resort. It’s always important to mix in some healthy while away on vacation.

There are three things that I always pack when preparing for vacation, my sneakers, my jumprope and my excersize band. These items take up very little space in my luggage. With these items, I can go anywhere and still keep my fitness regime.

Don’t have a jumprope or excersize band? There are plenty of other options to keep those pounds off while on vacation. First and foremost; swim some laps in the ocean. The beach is probably your main reason for being there so make use of it. You never have to worry that the water is going to be too cold or too crowded to put in a mile or two swimming. What a perfect way to start your day. On a note of safety; either swim with a buddy or have someone on-shore watching. The “Never Swim Alone” rule applies everywhere.
The pools at the resorts unfortunately do not open until later in the morning so swimming your laps there usually is not an option. These early morning hours are dedicated to pool cleaning and maintenance.

Don’t like swimming for exersize? Just put on your sneakers and take a walk or run on the beach. It’s a little cooler first thing in the morning, there isn’t anyone in your way and just the sheer beauty of seeing these waters while you walk or run make the task effortless. This is usually a good time to explore the resort as well. Walk/jog around the whole resort and check out the many areas. There is usually so much beautiful landscape work that goes unnoticed.

Most resorts will have some kind of exersize/gym area. It has been my experience that they generally do not open until mid-morning and close fairly early in the evening. I like to get my workouts out of the way first thing in the morning so these gyms are usually not an option for me. Be prepared that these gym in no way resemble anything like a Planet Fitness or Workout World. You will have very limited and quite often outdated machines and facilities. There was even a gym that I looked into that didn’t have air conditioning.

Another way to ward off the pounds is to participate in the stretching/excersize classes that the staff puts on. I’ve done yoga in the shade of the palm trees, water aerobics in the pools and morning stretching and strengthening on the beach. Lots of fun, meet new people and win your battle with the bulge.

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