Keeping your items safe while traveling

Always practice safety when on vacation. As you are deplaning, make sure you tuck away all of your personal effects. After you make your way through Customs and Immigration, take a moment to put away your passport and any other paperwork. Know where your passport is at all times.

When you’ve retrieved your luggage; double check to make sure it’s yours. Most bags look alike. With the diversity of the colors and designs of today’s modern suitcases; it’s still amazing how so many still look alike. Hold on to your bags and make sure all of the pockets are closed and zipped. This will ensure that no matter who handles your bag; everything will stay secure and not slip out.

Keep an eye on your luggage to ensure that it gets put on your proper transfer whether it is a transport company or taxi. There is a lot of hustle and bustle during this time and you don’t want to lose your bags.

When you arrive at your resort, make sure that you watch your bags being taken off of the vehicle they came in on before you go to the Registration desk as most transfer companies make multiple stops. This quick minute can save lots of grief.

When you arrive at your room, make sure your door and windows lock. Most times, your window is a sliding glass door to your balcony or patio area. If you don’t feel secure with the locks, request a new room. I carry a small rubber doorstop to use inside of my door for added security. It can be used for sliders as well.

Use the safe if one is provided, even if there is an up-charge. If it works by key, always keep the key with you.

Common sense will tell you not to bring expensive jewelry and such with you. The less you wear on vacation the better.

Most people, me included, cannot live without our electronics but keep these to a minimum as well. I usually just bring my ipad and a camera. My phone goes right in the safe along with my passport. I also put the majority of my cash in there as well. Every time you leave your room, make sure your valuables are locked away and nothing is left laying around even if you are going for breakfast and then coming right back to your room.

Keep an eye on your belongings while swimming. Don’t leave your things on the lounger while having lunch or participating in an activity.

A lot of this may be common sense for most of us, but I believe they are worth mentioning.


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