Kids Club at your Dominican Republic resort

Most resorts in the Dominican Republic that are not adults only offer some sort of Kids’ Club. These clubs make traveling and vacationing with your children much easier and more fun for the kids especially those who get easily bored with the beach or pool.

kids clubThe clubs are usually for ages 5 – 12 or 4 -10 or somewhere in between depending on the resort. Have your travel agent check the age requirements at your resort before you book. The clubs open fairly early in the morning, usually between 9 and 10 am. When you arrive, the staff will be there to greet you. Feel free to take a look around and ask as many questions as you want. You will find that there will be toys and inside activities like arts and crafts and sometimes video games for your kids to keep them busy should the weather be unsettled. The staff in these clubs will keep your children happy and occupied so you can relax by the pool or on the beach. You can opt to take them out anytime you want or you can leave them there for the day. You can check in on them whenever you want as well. The staff will make sure that they have lunch and snacks if they get hungry. There is usually a napping area if your children normally take them. kids playAt some resorts, the staff will also plan a skit or dance or something along those lines for the children to participate in before the nightly entertainment show. The clubs are no extra charge and just another benefit to your all-inclusive package.

pinataWe traveled with grandchildren and their parents waited until the end of our vacation week to put the kids in the Kid’s club. They were disappointed to have waited as my two granddaughters had a fabulous time. They didn’t miss their parents at all. They would wave to us if they saw us peeking in. We would see them throughout the day at the pool, or at lunch, or finger painting. They always had a smile on their faces.

So bottom line is: make use of all that is available to you at your resort. The Kid’s Clubs are hidden and under-used gems. Happy children make for happy parents.

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