Landing in the Domican Republic

This is how you exit the plane in the Caribbean.
This is how you exit the plane in the Caribbean.VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

If you’ve never been to the Dominican Republic before, “getting there is half the fun” as they say. First off, more and more airlines now fly there direct from Boston so it’s an easy destination to get to for us New Englanders. (Yup, I’m a Red Sox fan!)

The first shot of that Caribbean air is felt the minute you step out of the plane. At each airport that I’ve landed at in the Dominican, you exit the plane via the rolling uncovered jetway stairs. The weather is mostly always sunny and warm so this first step outside the aircraft is wonderful especially if you’re arriving in the months when it’s cold at home. You’ll be looking to stash your coat somewhere because you certainly won’t need it here.

Some passengers may be a intimidated by this means of exit but it appears to be the only way to get off of the plane. Some stairs seem steeper than others but that just may be my imagination. I’ve traveled with senior citizens and mothers carrying babies and they’ve all been able to navigate these stairs just fine. So rule of thumb; just take your time and your vacation will begin just fine.

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