MLB 2013 World Series – Dominican Republic Players

It’s October baseball and my team, the Boston Red Sox, are in the World Series.  Of course I’m hoping they sweep the St Louis Cardinals again like they did in 2004, but we will see how it goes.  Last nights game was an awesome louis cardinals

There are only two players in the World Series that are from the Dominican Republic.  They are David Ortiz (Designated Hitter) playing for the Red Sox and Carlos Martinez (Pitcher) for the St Louis Cardinals.

red soxDavid Ortiz is the only returning player on the Red Sox roster from the winning 2004 team.  He is the winniest designated hitter in all of baseball and I’m happy he’s on the team that I root for.  I’d previously posted a blog about other outstanding MLB players from the Dominican Republic.  Here is that link:

My husband and I have not been to a baseball game in a few years now as we like to travel to the away games instead of seeing them from famed Fenway Park.  You could call us traveling baseball fans. We like vacations and baseball so we combine the two.

At a game years ago that we attended at Fenway Park against the New York Mets; we heard this expression/term used by baseball fans that were sitting near us.  We’d never heard it before and got us curious on what it meant and where it came from.

“can of corn

A high, easy-to-catch, fly ball hit to the outfield. The phrase is said to have originated in the nineteenth-century and relates to an old-time grocer’s method of getting canned goods down from a high shelf. Using a stick with a hook on the end, a grocer could tip a can so that it would fall for an easy catch into his apron. One theory for use of corn as the canned good in the phrase is that a can of corn was considered the easiest “catch” as corn was the best selling vegetable in the store and so was heavily stocked on the lowest shelves. Another theory is that the corn refers to the practice in the very early days of baseball of calling the outfield the “corn field,” especially in early amateur baseball where the outfield may have been a farm field.”

I’m sure true baseball superfans already know this term, but at the time we didnt’.  As I was watching my Boston Red Sox playing in the 2013 MLB World Series lst night; it reminded me of this term when the announcer called it during the game.  So I’m just passing it on for those of us needing enlightenment.


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