Paradise Domincan Style

Dominican Paradise

Set foot on this mystical land,
Curious to know the unknown,
A place they describe as the Dominican,
Thundering hearts pound with expectation.

Tropical trees whistle in the moonlit wind,
The glistening water extends its arms to the sandy shores,
An unspoken understanding of perfection itself,
Welcome to Dominican Paradise!

Swallowed in its own pride,
Epiphany of true potential,
Life is regained in all its glory,
Memories of happy times.

Enjoyment alien to human existence,
Boats float upon the waves of freedom.
Cities glare in envy at laidback lifestyle,
Laughter and happiness encompass its very soul.

Underneath the deep blue sky.
The ability to reflect.
A new existence, away from the pandemonium.
Peace once again.

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