Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

People think  Las Vegas is all about the world famous strip, and while there is a great deal of fun to be had with the traditional Las Vegas experience, it’s only a small part of a larger area. When it’s time to take a break from the lights and the hustle and bustle of the strip and get in touch with nature; this is the place for you.  Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is about a 30 minute drive from Las Vegas Boulevard; but it’s like being a world away.

Natural Beauty Explodes

Red Rock Canyon gets more than a million visitors annually.  It will feel like you’ve traveled back in time and will completely change the way you look at the desert.  The area is home to rock formations, ancient writings from past civilizations, and cliffs that reach to the skies and go up 3,000 feet.  This natural wonder will give you an awe inspiring glimpse of  Earth’s and Nature’s great glory.

The Wild

Keep your camera ready as Red Rock Canyon is home to more than 200 mammals that range from bighorn sheep, golden eagles, and red tailed hawks. From sky to land, you will be amazed at the visual display that nature has poured out over the desert. Whether you want to drive around the area or you want to hike, walk, or bike; there are opportunities abound in this unique natural locale.

Exploring The Past

You will get a sense of history and past civilizations while in Red Rock Canyon.  Hiking or walking on one of the dozens of trails that can be easily handled by beginners to the more experienced; you will be rewarded with petroglyphs drawn  from Native Americans who first settled here.  Red Rock Canyon is for anyone who want to see fossilized sand dunes, canyons, caverns, natural manifestations of earth and some of the most incredible colors you’ve ever seen.

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is open daily and is open to walking, hiking, mountain climbing, picnicing,  jogging, driving, biking or tours depending on what you would like to explore. Take the time on your next trip to Las Vegas to experience this natural wonder just outside the Las Vegas strip.

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