South Point, Las Vegas

At the last travel agent conference that I attended; a representative of the South Point Hotel Casino was there to tell us all that this hotel and casino had to offer.  My interest was greatly peaked as I have an ownership at the Tahiti Village and the South Point is not far from there.  For those not familiar with the geography of Las Vegas and where exactly this resort is in terms of the world famous Las Vegas strip; this is right on Las Vegas Boulevard about 6  miles from the Mandalay Bay (south) end of the strip.

As most hotel casinos in Las Vegas with a theme, I would say that the South Point has a subtle western/equestrian/southern tropical feel to it.  The South Point is about 10 years old but still feels new.  When entering the casino, it’s not too dark nor is it too light.

Another reason why this hotel casino sparked my interest is because they have bingo which is scarce on the Las Vegas strip.  Bingo is offered everyday, every other hour starting at 9:00 AM.  They offer the traditional paper games where you have to dob your numbers as they are called or you can play electronically and let a machine do all of the work while you watch for it to display “WINNER”  across the screen to prompt you to yell “BINGO!!!!!”.

On the same floor near the Bingo hall, there is a full movie theatre as well as a full bowling alley that hosts national professional events.  I’m told that there is a full equestrian arena here as well as conference space.  We did notice that during one of the weekends, there was a cheerleading competition going on at the South Point.

The South Point offers many dining opportunities.  I would definitely recommend joining their player’s club because your accumulated points never expire and you get a discount at their buffet.  We dined at the buffet once for lunch and then another time for brunch complete with mimosas (my favorite!).  We had burgers at the Steak and Shake and had an incredible dinner at their Primarily Prime Rib restaurant.  We will be going back next year to partake in their other food options.

Their parking is easy and painless with outside parking, inside garage parking and valet parking.  Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to view any of their rooms, but you can find whatever information that you need about them with a quick Google search.

I won’t say that you will get rich if you gamble at the South Point, but I can say that you’ll play longer with your gambling dollars.  Most times, my husband and I would play for an hour or longer on their various slot machines on our original investment of $40 and we both won at Bingo.

I’m pretty torn about telling you about this gem of a hotel casino because I would hate for it to become overly crowded.  There are no real crowds at the Bingo hall and we did not have to park further away than we desired.  I really do encourage you to visit this hotel casino on your next trip to Sin City.


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