Sunbathing and Sun Protection on vacation

When vacationing to the Caribbean, it can often be a hassle to keep topping yourself with suntan lotion. If you are like most people, you will see suntan lotion as something that just prevents you from getting a better tan, and overall just ruins the whole experience of traveling to such a beautiful location. However, despite what you may think, the value of suntan lotion and sunscreen is majorly underrated. If only more people would put aside their beliefs about suntan lotion and just wear it anyway, they could potentially avoid the severe side effects.

What does Suntan lotion do?

As you may already know, suntan lotion is a fantastic product that protects you from the intense rays from the sun. This protection prevents your skin from being overly exposed to the heat being radiated from the sun, and overall from being burned. It works by essentially reflecting some of the sun’s rays off your bod, and it acts as an extra layer for the sun to get through in order to reach your body. With the advancement of sunscreens/lotion, they are now much better for being discreet and not leaving an awful white mess all over your body, although it is still is not quite perfect.

Different sunscreen intensities.

When you go to purchase sunscreen for your trip to the Caribbean, you may notice that there are many different types available, with different numbers on them. This number references to how much UV (Ultra violate) protection the lotion will provide you. Typically, for travelling to the Caribbean, you need to pick up a bottle of 50+ SPF, which is labelled as high intensity. You can purchase bottles that actually go beyond 75 SPF but for the most part, you may be at overkill on your protection. This intensity of the sunscreen may also then prevent you from being able to tan, unless the sun’s intensity far outweighs it, so therefore you can use a 50 SPF so long as you frequently reapply it.

Why should you use sunscreen?

Aside from the obvious protection benefits that sunscreen provides, you should know that without using suntan lotion, you are more prone to getting skin cancer. This is in no way a pleasant experience for anyone and regardless of how good your tan looks, the result will be devastating for your health and your skin. The potential for having a good-looking tan is in no way worth risking both your health or your skin; so before you completely dis-regard using sunscreen, remember what you are sacrificing.

With these points in mind, you should now be able to justify why it is so important to wear sunscreen, and which sunscreens would be best. Sunscreen is unfortunately, something that society seems to dislike or consider a liability rather than an asset to their health.

Enjoy your beach vacation!


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