The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

So, you’re planning a trip and want it to all fall into place perfectly, right? So, what are your options you might ask? On the one hand, you can easily book a trip through one of the many OTA’s (Online Travel Agency) like Orbitz or Travelocity. Or you can go the “Old School” route and let a travel agent do all the tough work. Online companies may appear to be a better deal to some. They are easy to use and take a lot of the guess work out of your trip. On the other hand, you may be missing out on some of the perks and personal service a travel agency may offer.

Here are a few reasons why it may be wise to work with a travel agency when considering your next trip.

1) A travel agency may be a better option in the long run simply because they have a tendency to offer better incentives. Small perks like discounts on hotel rooms, dining and travel may be all it takes to make a travel agency your best option. Cruise vacations are still booked by travel agencies up to ninety percent of the time, so if you’re considering that luxury trip to the Bahamas, make sure you look into your travel agency options. The deals are there for the taking, something you more than likely will not receive from an online agency.

2) Agencies offer more personalized attention to your needs! This is by far one of the better options a travel agency can provide. Nobody wants to book a flight or cruise and be lost when they get to their destination. Your travel agent can provide you with maps, restaurant locations and even safety statistics. For trips to that faraway destination you always wanted to go to, make sure you talk with your travel agent. They will probably have much more information than a standard online search of the destination.

3) Travel agency’s answer questions an internet agency cannnot. Again, it’s all about that personal touch. A trip is supposed to a relaxing time and the last thing you want is hassles. Sure, luggage gets lost and flights get delayed, but travel agencies may help with insurance needs and give you that reassurance that all will be okay in the event something goes awry. Be sure to ask your travel agent questions pertinent to your needs and don’t be shy. Your travel agents are there to offer their service and answers to your questions.

These are a just a few reasons it may be best to check with a travel agent versus booking through an internet service.

Happy Travels!

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