Tipping at your all-inclusive resort

One of the best reasons for going to an all-inclusive resort is that you pay one price for your airfare, resort accommodations, food, drink, activities, entertainment, taxes and tips.  All of this has been paid upfront so there really isn’t any need to bring any money unless you’re doing anything off resort or buying souvenirs or anything not covered under the “all-inclusive umbrella”.

So why tip if it’s already included?

It’s easy.  Better service.  No, you do not need to spend huge amounts of money on tipping and there is absolutely nothing that says that you have to tip.  Most people do not.  You will still be waited on at every bar, at every meal and your room will still be cleaned.  The quality of the service is not supposed to change whether you tip or not.

But, I have experienced many times when a tip has paid off.  And let me tell you, our tip is normally just a dollar or two.  In a buffet dining room, after tipping our server one morning at breakfast, she was there greeting us the very next morning and every morning after that with a table in her section and our beverages already waiting for us.  At a busy pool bar, the bartender had seen us coming, made our drinks, and pointed over to the side where he could easily give us our drinks away from the crowds.  At an a la carte restaurant, the maitre D and waitstaff were so attentive to us that when we tipped at the end of the meal; we were told to come back anytime, reservation or not, and they would gladly seat us.  We did.  We went back the very next night.  After asking a pool maintenance man to look for some lost sandals and tipping him when they were found, he saved us chaises in a prime location by the pool every morning after without us even asking. We put a dollar or two in our refrigerators with special requests for more of this and less of that and were rewarded with our requests for the rest of our stay.  Leaving money for the maids have gotten us towel art, fresh flowers, extra toiletries, etc. These were just a few examples.

Of course, there have been times that we’ve tipped and not received any special service.  But we did get a smile. These workers work very long and hard for short money and an extra dollar or two can really make a difference to them and make their day.  We only bring about $40 US in one dollar bills so we’re not talking lots of money by American standards.  But we feel good tipping and sometimes we reap the rewards of those tips.  End of sermon.

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