Travel Safe – Purchasing Trip Protection

The right kind of travel insurance has become an integral part of a smart traveler’s itinerary. It takes care of everything; be it your tickets, your luggage or your health. It leaves nothing to chance. Travel insurance gives you peace of mind along with protection against mishaps. You are also protected against any financial loss in the trip in terms of the investment you have made for the trip. A study showed that 70% of travelers who go on cruises, opt for travel insurance. Travel insurance not only covers you for the flight or trip cancellation but also for health, baggage coverage and emergency medical evacuation as well.

There are many reasons to buy insurance:

• The flight has been cancelled and you become stranded and need lodgings and food

• Your bags are lost and they contain your medicine and you need emergency medicine

• Your passport and wallet are stolen and you need a replacement passport and emergency cash

• You have met with an accident and need medical evacuation • You cancel your trip because of an illness

• Your Airline, tour operator or cruise liner goes bankrupt and trip is no longer possible or you need alternate way to reach to your destination

• You are faced with a medical emergency in a foreign land • Your destination is the center of a terrorist activity and you need to cancel your trip

• A natural disaster forces you to evacuate your hotel or cruise

There are different types of travel insurances as well. You can choose the one that meets your needs and requirements. You should purchase insurance where the investment that you are making is worth the premium you are paying. For example, if your flight is costing only $100, then this is a fairly small investment. However, if you are going on a cruise that is costs thousands of dollars; then it is worth purchasing insurance.

If you somehow don’t go on this trip because you fall sick or the cruise liner or resort went bust, then you would be protected against losing your investment. You should consider insurance if you have pre-existing conditions and there are chances of you getting sick while away from home. Travel insurance will not only cover your medical expenses but also evacuation costs if required.

If luggage is lost, stolen, delayed or damaged, this is another reason to consider insurance, especially if you are checking your bags. If you are going for adventure or extreme sports travel; it would be wise to have the security of insurance.

Travel insurance is a personal decision but you should be informed if it’s something you need. If you decide to purchase, there are many companies to shop and compare pricing and policies. Your travel agent can point you in the right direction either with certain companies that they have experience with or a list where you can shop and compare yourself.

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