What does a US citizen need to marry in the Dominican Republic

A destination wedding is a dream for many people. Marrying in the Dominican Republic is a great option. It is full of sea, sand, sun and culture. However, before you start booking your reception and plane tickets, you need to make sure you have everything you need to get married in the country.

Applying for a Marriage License

You need to apply for a marriage license in the country that you are marrying in. This means that you need to apply for a Dominican Republic marriage license. It isn’t as simple as getting a marriage license in your own country but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Make sure you give yourself time for this – six months before your planned date is the perfect time!

Write to the American Consulate before your date so you can get the permission to marry. It will be as a civil ceremony. Like applying for any marriage certificate, you will need to certify that you are both eligible for marriage and are single. You will also need your passport and original birth certificates for proof of identification. All the documents will be translated into Spanish so that they can be certified by the consulate of the Dominican Republic.

Having a Roman Catholic Ceremony

If you want a Roman Catholic ceremony, you will need to visit and meet the priest at the church you would like to marry at. The priest will need to see that you have done the marriage preparation course to ensure you can marry.

Other religious ceremonies are also possible. It is worth talking to the consulate to find out how you go about arranging these marriages.

Have You Married Before?

If you married in the past, the consulate will need to see a copy of your former spouse’s death certificate or the decree of divorce. This ensures that you can legally marry your partner. You will also need to supply the marriage date and the details of whoever officiated that marriage, according to the US Embassy.

If you are renewing your vows, take your original marriage certificate with you.

When marrying, you will need to have two witnesses, who will also need ID. As the requirements for marriage can change, it is important to check the legal requirements before your date to avoid disappointment.

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