What does your vacation look like?

I am very fortunate as I get to vacation three times every year. Usually anyways.  These vacations have nothing to do with the fact that I am a travel agent and these are not “free” vacations.  I book these trips as a client of Bonnie’s Travel and find the best deals that I can.

What do my vacations look like?  The three are very different from each other.

Our first trip of the year is usually in the month of April or May.  It originally started as our April 21st wedding anniversary gift to each other.  It also started closer to home but now it has relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.  We have a vacation ownership at the Tahiti Village on Las Vegas Boulevard at the Mandalay Bay end of the strip.  We monitor flight pricing and that pretty much dictates our travel dates.

We will normally fly weekday to weekday, leaving at the end of a work day.  After landing and collecting our bags; we rent our car and drive to our place.  It’s normally late and it’s been a long day so we go to bed and unpack in the morning. Now our Las Vegas vacation has started.

On our Las Vegas, we do a lot of the same things but we also do a lot of new things.  On activity that is fairly normal is an early morning hike at Red Rock Canyon.  Our energy and motivation levels decide what type of trail we’ll do and how long we choose to hike.  I do prefer a shorter hike but one that has a decent amount of rock scampering. (Rock scampering – meaning: to move among the rocks and boulders using your hands as much as your feet).  We don’t hike many mountain ranges at home so this is an activity that I really love.

After lunch, in the afternoons, is when we like to sit and relax by the resort’s lazy river or the swimming pool.  It’s perfect for recovering/relaxing/napping/reading/swimming/floating/talking/watching and just slowing down. Because after all, that’s why we’re on vacation, right?

I am perfectly content to hike every morning and relax every afternoon but it’s the nighttime where we like to change things up.  Now it’s time to pick a casino and play some slots, or pick a restaurant and have a long, slow multi-course delicious meal before playing the slots.  Or it’s time to see a fabulous Las Vegas show.  Or it’s time to go downtown to Fremont Street and people watch and enjoy whatever live entertainment is happening on that particular night. To me, it’s the nighttime that Las Vegas comes alive and the time to visit the strip.  I would like to say that we party on into the wee hours of the morning but that is not our lifestyle.  We are early risers so therefore we are early retires.

So that is pretty much what my yearly Las Vegas vacation looks like.  Fun?  Maybe not to you. But my husband and I love Vegas and all that it has to offer.  We do manage to change things up every year.  It’s the normal frequent things we do with the new activities that we experience that keeps us going back for more.



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