What to do in Cocoa Beach

I have been to Cocoa Beach many times and each time we go; we always seem to have different experiences. On our recent trip there in September, we went with more healthy plans and changed attitudes. After my husbands’ cancer scare and surgery; we’d made the decision to finally become healthy. Our new way of life started in June and by vacation time in September, we were in full on healthy mode.

Part of our more healthy lifestyle includes running.  One morning, we ran up to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and back. Another morning, we ran the backstreet neighborhoods and dreamed of living in a house on the beach.  We also ran on the beach.  Our desired morning run on the beach was not as easy if we were to run in the afternoon.  Our morning runs were during high tide so there wasn’t much hard packed sand to run on.  That made for a tougher run.

One day while sitting on the beach, I was watching people walking by and bicycling by.  That got me to thinking that riding a bike on the hard packed sand on the beach would be an easy ride.  It would also be fun to pedal along the seashore. I wonder how far could we go and what could we see.  There wouldn’t be any hills so it would be a level, easy ride and that’s right up my alley.  I did notice plenty of places to rent some bikes so that’s what we’ll be doing on our next trip to Cocoa Beach.

Cocoa Beach is a popular place for surfing.  The surfers come in all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities.  Ron Jon’s Surf Shop offers rentals and lessons.  There are other businesses who offer the same services as well.  I have never tried surfing but now that I am more fit; I think it’s something that I can do.  The waves at Cocoa Beach are calm and I see others using oars for balance and stability.

If you like beach volleyball, then Cocoa Beach is a place for you.  On the weekends, there are several games going on at the permanent nets setup on the beach.  We’ve seen groups of what look like “high schoolers” having some rowdy games as well as entire families having fun.  Then there are the hardcore athletes who play to win and play to improve their games.  All in all though, fun to watch but too strenuous for me to play.

What other beach activities have we seen while sitting on the beach?  We’ve seen skim-boarding, and paddle ball and soccer and football.  I guess any beach that you go to has these same beach activities.  We’d probably see a lot more if we visited Cocoa Beach during peak season.  Whatever season we happen to visit now though; we’ll be more active than in years past.


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