World War Z and The Heat

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge movie fan.  Besides being a travel agent, my ideal job would be ticket sales at a movie theater.  I know that it’s not a job most would aspire to, but I’ve worked very hard throughout my adult life with most times having multiple jobs and selling tickets to movie goers would be a nice transition into retirement.  And, I’d get to see all of the movies for free!!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to go to the movies twice.  My friend at work was meeting her husband immediately at the end of the work day on Friday for a movie and then dinner.  I invited my husband and myself along.  The movie she’d picked was The Heat with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  I’m a fan of comedies and this looked pretty good.  I’m also a fan of both of these ladies so I was excited about seeing this flick.  I wasn’t disappointed.  It wasn’t the funniest movie I ever saw and although I found it predictable at times; it was still entertaining and light fare after a tough work week.  So yes, I would recommend this movie but not on the big screen.  It is a good “Stay in Saturday night” movie or excellent “Beat the long flight boredom” movie when it comes out on DVD.  We had Chinese for dinner following the movie.

We were at a loss on what to do the very next afternoon due to the weather.  It was too hot and muggy for any outside work and we got up too late to go to the beach (we go early and leave early), so we decided to check out another movie.  A few weeks back, we had attempted to see World War Z but when we got to the theater; the ticket line was out the door.  My husband hates crowded theaters.  But that was not the case on Saturday afternoon.  There was maybe six or seven other bodies in the cool, dark movie theater with us.  The action of this movie started almost immediately.  For those who don’t know, the Z in the title stands for Zombies.  Brad Pitt and Detective Linden from the TV show “The Killing” (I don’t know her name) were your main characters.  For fans of “The Walking Dead”, this Zombie thriller was quite a bit different as these people change to Zombies within 12 seconds and they can move.  Holy Cow!  These guys are fast on their feet.  I found this movie to be suspenseful even though you could figure out the ending.  I also found the gore level fairly low unlike “The Walking Dead”.   Most of the gore happened so fast and the camera angles were pulled back so there were no real closeups of yuck which I appreciated.

I would recommend this movie and was happy to see it on the big screen.  There are some really cool graphics like when the Zombies are climbing over each other to get over a wall.  The big screen and the surround sound really enhanced a lot of the movie.

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