Your room at your Dominican Republic resort

I have stayed in my fair share of resorts in the Dominican Republic and I can report that they are all pretty much the same. Like hotel and motel rooms, there is a bed and a bathroom and also a place to put your clothes.

There are a few subtle differences in the Dominican Republic as far as the rest of the room is concerned. Of course, a bed is a bed. There are resorts in the Dominican Republic where when you request a kind size bed; there are actually two beds put together with the bedding covering both. Sometimes you don’t even realize this unless you are rolling over to kiss your husband good night.

There are also some resorts that do not have dressers so you have to put your clothing in “cubbies” located in the closet. I think the reason for this is due to the humidity and sticky drawers. Not a big deal for most of us.

Most rooms will have a stocked refrigerator. And by stocked, I mean it will have water, sodas and beer. Make sure you’ve checked with your travel agent before taking anything from the refrigerator that it is included with your lodgings. Usually the maids will restock the refrigerator but there are resorts that have a separate person just for this. When we want/need anything specific in our fridge; we leave a note inside. That way, whoever is refilling/restocking will get the tip for the “extras”.

Your room will have a TV but have fun watching it. Most likely there will be about 3 English speaking channels, but that’s enough to fill you in on what’s going on in the US. Who’s there to watch TV anyways? I do remember watching a World Series Baseball game on the TV while getting ready for dinner. It was all in Spanish. It was pretty cool though to hear so many English baseball words.

Your room will have sliding glass doors to some kind of balcony/lanai/deck/patio. More than likely there will be a table and chairs. A word of caution about these doors; the locks on them are a little tricky. We bring a rubber doorstop to ensure that our door stays closed. Better safe than sorry.

Your bathroom is typical with toilet, sink and shower and/or tub. The shower may have a dispenser for shampoo and shower gel so you may not see these complimentary items on the sink counter. If there is anything that you need that you cannot find, either call Housekeeping or the Front Desk or leave a note for your maid. There will be plenty of towels but you may not see any face clothes. Those are hit or miss in the Dominican Republic as so resorts consider them “personal hygiene” items that you supply yourself.

Regarding the toilet; there may be signs to not flush any paper but to use the provided receptacle. I know that’s awkward for most but there is a reason for this. I’ve found that the pressure to flush in some of these resorts is not strong enough to flush waste AND paper. I have found this in only one resort that I’ve been to so I thought it was worth mentioning.

Overall, your room should be clean and stocked. If you are unhappy with it when you first walk in; just ask to be changed. Most times they can accommodate you. But only request for certain situations like an air-conditioner not working, or the lock on either door not working, or the bathroom is flooded. Overlook, if there is a stain on the ceiling or some rust on the tub faucet. If you are looking for absolute perfection; you will not find it.

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